David Ho


Hello! My name is David Ho and I have several passions and things I like to think I'm alright at. It's the continuous pursuit of success and never satisfactory goals for myself that pushes me to never stop learning & growing. 

Before anything, I was a very curious child. I was told at a young age, instead of playing with toys i'd take them apart, with more curiosity on how they worked instead of playing with them. This child like curiosity is something I have yet to lose and don't plan on losing. Anything that sparks my interest I have no hesitation diving into and learning.

At the age of 15 I picked up 2 turntables and a mixer with all my christmas money after watching a video of DJ Q-Bert scratching. I was so fascinated how he could make so many different sounds by just moving & cutting a record. I was sold, I needed to be able to do that myself. I showed the video to a few friends and they were unimpressed, I still was determined to be able to do that. 

I practiced in my backyard for hours everyday, I never thought about DJ'ing for money or fame. It was just something I really wanted to be able to do. I met a few friends in high school who also DJ'ed and followed them to their gigs and learned the in's and out's of DJ'ing. 

College is where I really started pursuing the DJ lifestyle, I started booking gigs for house parties, fraternity events, and clubs. I got picked up by Underworld Productions in 2011, one of the premiere hollywood event production companies, and it skyrocketed me into the scene. I was DJ'ing 3 gigs a weekend every weekend. 

And meanwhile, I decided to study Engineering. While some say these lifestyles clash, I believe it's a perfect blend of who I am. As with engineering, I tend to break down everything into science. The moment peoples feet slow down dancing, the perfect amount of scratching on a song, how long the crowds attention span to a song. 

Fast forward several years and hard work, I am where I am today. Still not anywhere near the top but striving everyday to make something out of myself. I currently DJ for Underworld Productions and Inviscus Entertainment while working as Engineer for Applied Medical. 

I have started a DJ school, Academy of DJs, where students not only learn the craft of DJ'ing, but learn how to be passionate about learning.  How to live a unrestricted lifestyle and not take no for an answer. It is something I have rarely found. The mindset of never giving up and following what you really want to do. That's the goal of my school.

If anyone ever tells you you can't do something... Doubt them. 
People at first will ask you why you do it, soon they will ask how you did it.


Photographer: James Troung

Musician: DJ D.HO

Festival: HIN Los Angeles 2015